24 Obvious signs that you are a mom

Signs that you are a mom

Congratulations! You are a mother!

And yes, whether we want to admit it or not, there is obvious signs that show to the world that we are in this amazing journey.

Here is a list of some of them:

1.The screen of your phone is mysteriously sticky.

2. Now when you go to the store you stop in every children’s clothing section.

3. Your phone’s memory is always full (due to the excessive amount of pictures you have taken).

4. You are no longer the protagonist of your profile picture.

5. You never say “I’m bored”.

6. Now you understand your mother.

7. A 10 min shower equals a 3hr spa.

8. If someone gives a gift to your baby you enjoy it more than if it was a gift for you.

9. Noise does not distract you anymore. In fact, if there is silence you start to worry.

10.Coffee is now your best friend. (and maybe now you even understand your husband’s addiction to red bull)

11.”Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” is the biggest ‘hit’ in your house.

12.  Now your list of favorite shows include “Pocoyo” and “Baby Einstein”.

13.You understand the phrase “Time is Precious”.

14.You love your baby so much that you want more babies.

15.Your livingroom looks like 6 flags.

16.To put Makeup on takes you about 2 minutes now. Max.

17. You have something to talk about with any mother.

18. No one has better-looking children.

19. Your new name is “mom”.

20. You could be a doctor, a teacher, a P.I, a cook, a psychologist & a clown. All at the same time.

21. Some of your new conversations are about poop.

22. You cherish every second you are alone with your husband.

23. finger food is your new favorite food.

24.You are surprised of the many things you can get done in a day.

Sincerely, Josie