Baby’s dry skin: The BEST Face Creams and Lotions to treat it

Baby's dry skin

Hi Mamas! I know I have been absent for a week or two but I have been soooo busy! Now I’m back on track and ready for more great blogging.

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Treating a baby’s dry skin

Today’s post is about recommended face creams for your little one’s dry skin. Babies are scary creatures. Although it is exciting and an amazing adventure to bring them home they also bring unexpected situations and things you have never dealt with before. Many mothers have asked me about how to deal with their baby’s dry skin and eczema. Newborns come to the world with different fluids: one of these fluids protects their skin from the amniotic fluid and it is called vernix. If your baby is born with more vernix, the less he/she might peel or suffer from dry skin.

But peeling is always normal in the following weeks after birth. Other skin conditions like eczema causes red patches on your baby’s face and body so keeping your baby moisturized is very important to treat this condition. I asked my doctor and a few mothers about the most effective lotions and face creams to treat it and they have given me these following names. I hope this helps you (and try not to freak out!) Your baby’s dry skin is normal and will go away eventually if you treat it with patience.

Recommended creams:

1. Sorbolene Cream MkII 250g

2.The Honest Company Organic Healing Balm – 3 oz

3.Dove Baby Lotion, Rich Moisture.

4.Aquaphor Advanced Therapy Healing Ointment Skin Protectant

5.Aveeno Baby Soothing Relief Moisturizing Cream For Dry Sensitive Skin

6.Tubby Todd Dream Cream

Tubby todd dream cream


Other recommendations:

Breastmilk:¬†Okay so some mothers have told me that if you apply breastmilk to your baby’s face it clears it right up!

Keep your little one hydrated

Limit bath time and apply lotion right after bath.

Use natural soap with no fragrance as they can irritate the skin more.

Protect your little one’s skin from cold/hot conditions.


I hope this helps you!

Sincerely, Josie


Best Toys for 0-6 month old babies

BEST Toy for 0-6 month old

Hello my dear friends! Today I am excited about this post because I am going to make your life a lot easier (you are welcome ūüėČ ). As a first time mom I spent hours researching about the best toys for a baby and I am here to tell you all about it. I asked my mom who has 12 children of which 2 are still babies and I asked other moms I personally know and also looked it up online and went to toy stores… So here is the ultimate selection of baby toys that I recommend. Enjoy!

There is a whole lot of things babies learn to do in their first 3 months. Depending on what your child is able to do and how advanced he is, he will like some toys more than others. I separated the toys in 2 groups: from 0-3 months and from 3-6 months.

Best Toys for 0-6 Months old babies


(0-3 months)

  • follows objects
  • lifts head and holds it up
  • responds to sound
  • stares at faces
  • looks at black & white patterns
  • cooing
  • Laughs and smiles
  • Recognizes faces

(3-6 months)

  • Holds head steady
  • Bears weigh on legs
  • Grasps a toy
  • Responds to your voice
  • Might start teething
  • Distinguish bold colors
  • Rolls over
  • Plays with hands and feet
  • Turns to sounds & imitates them
  • Sits


1.Activity Gym

*I started to use this toy for my baby when she was 2 1/2 months old.

One of the best toys and definitely the number one in my list is an activity gym. Why? Because it is simple and super useful. Apart from being very colorful, they serve as playmat¬†for your baby’s tummy time. The different textures of the linkable toys is an advantage too because when your baby is on his back, he will try to reach the toys and touch those different textures while listening to music (didn’t I mention? Most activity gyms have musical toys too!) An activity gym is just what it sounds: A place where your baby will be active and play. In my experience, Catalina loves her activity gym and every time I have to do something I can just take out the gym and voila! She is distracted playing (in fact, she is on it right now). The activity gym I use is the¬†Fisher-Price 3-in-1 Musical Activity Gym.

If you want a more-complete but also a bit more-expensive one I recommend the¬†Bright Starts Sunny Safari Baby’s Play Place Activity Gym which you can find in Wal-Mart and Target.

2.Stuffed animals

*Starting at 2 months

I used stuffed animals for when I started putting Catalina on her tummy. It worked really well to stimulate her as she would keep her head up for longer periods of time trying to figure out what the stuffed animal was. It is also useful for the touch, as they have different textures. Some stuffed animals are interactive and sing songs, move…etc.


Having a bouncer is super convenient. It works as a toy and at the same time you can use it to feed your baby, or to put your baby next to you while you work, or to put you baby to watch a show (Baby Einstein for example…). The smaller your baby is, the better he/she will stay in the bouncer. Catalina has reached a point that she just wants to be all over the place so I just sit her at the bouncer occasionally, but the bouncer worked wonders when she was between 1-4 months old. The bouncer I use is the Fisher-Price My Little Snugapuppy Deluxe Bouncer¬†but I also recommend the¬†Geo Meadow¬†which is the one my sister in-law has.

Another good option is the¬†Rock ‘N Play Sleeper .

4. Baby Sock Toys


These Socks Toys Wrist Rattles and Foot Finders (apart from being super cute) are perfect for when your baby discovers his/her feet. I put them in this list because I always think simple toys are the best and this is very simple toy that allows the baby to find his/her feet and arms.

5. Baby Einstein Discover & Play gift set

The Baby Einstein Discover and Play Gift Set is one of my favorite toys for 0-6 months old babies. It is the perfect combination of toys because it includes a musical toy, a teether, discovery cards in different languages and a rattle toy. I recently bought them and my baby enjoys them a lot. Many times she is not interested in the other toys she has but she can be playing for hours with these 4.

6.Stroller Toys

Always good for when you go for a walk or take the baby with the stroller somewhere. It keeps them stimulated and entertained. I bought this one in amazon and so far so good!

7. Soft Books

I’m always surprised with the Lamaze brand. I think it is a good brand overall, and my favorite Lamaze toys are the soft books. Your baby can touch and play with the toys while your read the book to her. I want my baby to get used to books from a very young age so the best thing is to introduce her to soft books first. Try it out!

8.Babylian Educational Grasping Rattles

If you are fond of old-fashioned toys you will love the Babylian Educational Grasping Rattles . These are for babies of more than 3 months. They are usually very curious and see the colors, the shapes, the sounds each toy makes…

9. Floor Seat

I was introduced to the Fisher-Price Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat¬†by my mother. “Give it a try” she said. I wasn’t sure because it didn’t look like something Catalina would like but my mother was right! (she always is…) I happen to have a very active and curious baby as I’m sure many of you have too and this is the perfect distraction. It is a nice floor seat where curious babies can see everything they want and at the same time play.

If you liked this post check out 7 ways to play with your 3-6 month old baby for more tips!

Sincerely, Josie

First Trimester | Everything you need to know + tips

First Trimester of pregnancy

Hello Mama!

If you ended up here I am assuming you are either pregnant or want to be pregnant soon Рeither way Рwelcome! In this post I will talk about the feared first trimester in pregnancy: everything you should know from what is happening inside of you to morning sickness and tips, etc. Before you read the rest of this post just know that I talk out of personal experience and a lot of research, I hope this is useful to you!

First Trimester

Weeks: 1-12

What is happening inside?

A pregnancy lasts about 40 weeks, but there is a process of 2 weeks since the moment of conception until the embryo is formed. Those first two weeks is when your egg is fertilized and divides in parts, making the “home” where your baby is going to live and forming the embryo(which is how the baby is called at that time).

During this first 12 weeks, the baby will grow super fast! And around week 10 the baby will be called “fetus” and it will have a heart, tiny bones, muscles and all the vital organs. You probably have heard about women having miscarriages during the first trimester (it happens often) so it is important to be extra careful because the baby is going through major changes during this time.

To put this in simple words, this is the trimester where the baby becomes a “tiny human” and the other two trimesters are for the baby to put on weight, finish up growing and fully develop the vital organs preparing him to come out to the world. ūüôā

How are you feeling?


At least I felt super crappy. Some women can’t even tell they are pregnant or have any symptoms at all at this time (hopefully you are that lucky!) but if you are like the rest of us human ladies, then you are probably feeling pretty crappy right now. What do I mean by crappy…hmm…lets see, these are some of the symptoms you have:

  • Super sore breasts (and prepare, because your breasts will grow a size or two –¬†that’s a good thing -you will end up looking like you had a boob job lol)
  • Nausea/Vomiting : This is the worst symptom by far. You might have this for months or a few weeks depending of the person. I highly recommend Gatorade, ice chips, do not go near eggs-yuck! (or anything that makes you cringe for that matter), have lots of patience and talk to your husband or loved one about it because maybe they can cook for a few weeks or be extra understanding with you. I had nausea from week 7 until around week 22, but vomiting happened from week 10 until week 21. If you have to vomit don’t try to stop it, just make sure you stay hydrated. Some people use lemon as a remedy. Try to look for tips online and stick to the ones that work for you, what worked for me was: 1-Check your vitamin pills and get ones with less iron if you need to do so, when I changed mine everything got a little better. 2-Drink chamomile
  • Bloated
  • Cramps: just the first few weeks. ATTENTION: If you feel a cramp you don’t have to freak out but it is not a good sign either so try to sit or rest whenever you feel a cramp, specially if you are tired. It might not be anything but it is better to be safe than sorry.
  • Tiredness: Try to rest as much as you can. It is necessary for you and your body. If that means you have to go to bed at 8pm every night so be it.
  • Moody: (Man, while writing this I remember how bad I felt my first trimester! It was awful. I honestly hated being pregnant it was really overwhelming. But if you are pregnant right now don’t worry: IT GOES AWAY) Hormones go crazy. Your whole body is changing so have patience and talk to your husband about it, prepare him for some huge changes in your mood. You might even feel sad, depressed. Do not let it sink, it is a normal hormonal thing, hang on and things will get better. If they don’t get better by the second trimester then talk to your doctor about it.

Things to do once you find out you are pregnant:

I found out I was pregnant by week 4 but most people find out at week 7. Either way you should do this:

  1. Start taking prenatal vitamins with at least 400 mg of folic acid: You can get them at any pharmacy over the counter and these are good to take even if you are not pregnant and you are just trying to get pregnant. I got these:Rainbow Light – Prenatal One Multivitamin, 150 Count(They will last you for about 5 months)
  2. Look for an obgyn or midwife and get your first appointment (I got a midwife and I will be posting about why soon)
  3. Calculate your due date. You can use an online due calculator.
  4. Find out about foods you can’t eat and things that you shouldn’t be doing.
  5. Get a pregnancy app: I tried many, but my favorite (and the only one I ended up using) was Ovia pregnancy app. It is super useful because it tells you tips, the size of your baby, what is happening week by week and it has a food safety look-up tool and more.
  6. Make a pregnancy announcement (for the father and the relatives and decide when to tell them. Many people wait until the first trimester is over but I like to do it as soon as I find out. If I lose it, I want my family and friends to know and support me too)
  7. Get rid of unhealthy habits. (If you can, quit smoking and drinking-although you can have the occasional beer)

Weight gain:

Maybe a couple of pounds, around 2 to 4 pounds is the normal but less is okay. I gained 2 lbs in my first trimester with Catalina.

Tip: Try to do some kind of light exercise or move at least 30 mins a day to keep somewhat fit, it will help you a lot.


If this is your first pregnancy you are probably not showing yet. I started showing at 20 weeks more or less, but you will be bloated so maybe you can notice a small bump.

If this is not your first pregnancy then you will most likely be showing towards the end of the trimester.

I hope you liked this post. Leave a comment below if you have any questions and subscribe! I have lots of good things prepared!

Sincerely, Josie

Tahini Chicken with Bok Choy and Mango Salad

Tahini Chicken Salad

Salads are not just dieting food. Whoever underestimates salads doesn’t know anything about food! There is millions of different types of salads, and today I’m going to share with you one of my favorite salad recipes.

Tahini Chicken with Bok Choy and Mango Salad

20 minutes prep| Serves 4


3 tbsp. of tahini

4 tsp. of honey

4 boneless chicken thighs

1 tbsp. olive oil

1/2 tsp salt

1/4 tsp. black pepper

2 tbsp. toasted sesame oil

4 cups of sliced baby bok choy

2 cups of red cabbage

1 1/2 cups of chopped peeled mango

Cilantro leaves



  1. Mix the tahini & the honey in a small bowl and stirr. Heat a grill pan over medium-high. Rub the chicken thighs with the olive oil and add salt and pepper. Cook the chicken in the pan for 4-5 min on each side. Brush the tahini mixture on the chicken and cook 30 seconds on each side. Remove the chicken from the pan and cut into 1in piece.
  2. Mix 1 teaspoon of honey, sesame oil and vinegar into a large bowl. Add bok choy, the cabbage and mango. Top with chicken and sprinkle with cilantro.


I hope you enjoy it!

Sincerely, Josie

Recipe by Paige Grandjean

How to clean dog hair from your car

Hey hi!

Here is something you probably didn’t know about me: I have a dog! a beautiful 1 and a half year old Alusky (If you don’t know what an Alusky is- It is a mix between an Alaskan Malamute and a Husky). Like every double-coated dog he sheds like craaaaaaaazy, specially in the summer. When we got him I had no idea they shed so much, so I had to adjust all my cleaning and become a very skilled cleaner buahaha. Last weekend we went to visit my family in Boston so when we came back every inch of our car was covered with hair. Every.inch. It looked like we had seats made of fur. Literally. Okay,maybe I’m exaggerating a little, but seriously: it was bad. So we ended up cleaning the whole car, and because I have become a very skilled cleaner hahaha I thought I would share the very creative way we clean our car–it works!

here is a picture of CLOUD:)this is my dog cloud

Cleaning dog hair from a car

You need:

Car cleaning tools

  • A good Vacuum with a Pet hair power brush (I have the Shark Navigator Lift-Away (NV356E)¬†it love it and recommend it¬†)
  • A Dog grooming brush (This is my brush¬†)
  • Lint roller
  • Plastic bags

What you need to do:

  1. Use the vacuum to get as much hair as you can from the seats with the pet hair power tool. You need to do this as throughly as it is possible. Take as much time as you need. Pet hair power tool image
  2. With the crevice tool, vacuum the corners and small places of the car (between the rug, in the door..ect)
  3. Take the hair brush and use it to clean behind the seats and where the vacuum does not reach.
  4. Finally, use the Lint Roller to finish up with the difficult left-over hair.

car suvurban

My First Time Breastfeeding | A simple reflection

My first time breastfeeding

Experience makes perfect

When I was pregnant with Catalina I spent hours doing research about everything I needed to know for when my baby arrived. I read and read about labor & delivery, about parenting, about sleeping techniques and about breastfeeding. I wanted to know everything I could possibly know and breastfeeding was a big issue for me because my mother had tried to breastfeed each and every one of us (we are 12 children) and was never able to. So I wanted to be prepared and know if I had milk, how to breastfeed, how the milk had to be, how much milk my baby needed, pumping..etc.

Once I delivered Catalina, all the knowledge I acquired doing research went out the window. Clearly, I knew nothing. Nothing can prepare you for motherhood, except to be willing. Be willing to go through stuff you don’t understand or don’t want to go through, and do it out of love. That is the only thing that matters and the only thing that helped me to be okay during the times I had no clue of what was going on.

A week before giving birth I manually tried to pump to see if I had milk (and honestly, to try to induce labor haha it didn’t work at all) and to my surprise I had Colostrum which is the “pre-milk”, it looked like a transparent honey. After delivery I put Catalina straight to my nipple and I tried to get her to latch. To my surprise she latched instantly. Her latch was very good and strong. It wasn’t hurting me–Voila! I thought everything was over! Little did I know it was just starting!

During the 3 days I spent at the hospital I attended a breastfeeding class and once again they explained everything about breastfeeding and how I had to latch the baby etc. Then it happened. It started to hurt.

I asked for a nipple cream and I asked for help to latch her correctly because every time I mentioned it hurt me they would tell me it was because I was not doing it right. I felt it was my fault. The breastfeeding counselor told me that if it hurt it meant I was doing it wrong. Well, that stressed me out so much. Until today, I still don’t think that is true. I talked to a bunch of mothers and they all said it hurt them at the beginning so maybe it is the way it is. I am not sure, but one thing is for sure: If breastfeeding hurts you it is not your fault. It is nobody’s fault. You don’t need to feel like you are doing something wrong.

I went home and for a week and a half I was in pain. To the point that if the baby cried I would start crying too just thinking that I had to feed her. Also, postpartum hormones didn’t help. I was sore and I was bleeding and even if I put nipple cream on, it still hurt. The good news was that I did have milk, tons of it. The milk had come about 2 days after leaving the hospital. I sent my husband to buy all types of breastfeeding things, and after a week and a half I was ready to give up. I was going to start formula (and honestly, I don’t think there is nothing wrong in doing so if you can’t breastfeed). My mom had given formula to all of us and we are healthy and happy and nothing wrong had happened to us, so why not?

My aunt –¬†who had a baby 3 weeks before I did –¬†told me it also hurt¬†her, but she had found a solution: A nipple shield. So I did more research. It didn’t seem like the best option since it was to correct latch and Catalina had an amazing latch. But it also said it helped to cure and prevent wounds so…what the heck, I tried it.

It saved my life. I wore it for about 2 or 3 weeks and after that I didn’t have to use it again. It was amazing. It still bothered me but it was nothing in comparison. I was able to continue breastfeeding (and I still am breastfeeding) and now I love it! Catalina is 4 months old and I can honestly say it is super convenient, relaxing and it connects you with your baby. Breastfeeding rocks!

I had no idea it was going to hurt like hell at the beginning (what a nightmare) but it was worth it. After 2 months or a month and a half I promise it doesn’t hurt at all anymore. My theory is that the mouth of the baby grows and your nipples get used to it. They say the first time breastfeeding its the hardest. Also I bet it depends on the baby. Never trust anyone that tells you¬†that you are not trying hard enough. I tried breastfeeding Catalina in all positions possible, with all techniques possible and nothing. What no one told me was that maybe it was normal, and that it would go away.

So here it goes:

Don’t worry, you are a good mom! Try the nipple shield and pump to give it a rest. If the pain continues for a month, bottle feed your baby. IT IS OKAY. Obviously, it is better to breastfeed because it is the natural thing but it is also better to use formula rather than to be depressed and not enjoy the precious time with your brand new baby.

Here are some tips that helped me:

  • Nipple Shield when necessary.
  • think that It DOES stop hurting
  • Pump when you need a break and don’t worry about nipple confusion.
  • Use nipple cream (I used ¬†the¬†Medela Tender Care Lanolin Tube)
  • Use coconut oil (it also helps)
  • If pumping hurts, check the size ¬†(there is different sizes)




BTW, In my experience (please, this is just my experience) nipple confusion does not exist. So use the pacifier if you are comfortable with it because it is amazing! My baby loves her paci.

If you liked this maybe you will like my labor & delivery experience and my postpartum tips.

Sincerely, Josie


24 Obvious signs that you are a mom

Signs that you are a mom

Congratulations! You are a mother!

And yes, whether we want to admit it or not, there is obvious signs that show to the world that we are in this amazing journey.

Here is a list of some of them:

1.The screen of your phone is mysteriously sticky.

2. Now when you go to the store you stop in every children’s clothing section.

3. Your phone’s memory is always full (due to the excessive amount of pictures you have taken).

4. You are no longer the protagonist of your profile picture.

5. You never say “I’m bored”.

6. Now you understand your mother.

7. A 10 min shower equals a 3hr spa.

8. If someone gives a gift to your baby you enjoy it more than if it was a gift for you.

9. Noise does not distract you anymore. In fact, if there is silence you start to worry.

10.Coffee is now your best friend. (and maybe now you even understand your husband’s addiction to red bull)

11.”Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” is the biggest ‘hit’ in your house.

12. ¬†Now your list of favorite shows include “Pocoyo” and “Baby Einstein”.

13.You understand the phrase “Time is Precious”.

14.You love your baby so much that you want more babies.

15.Your livingroom looks like 6 flags.

16.To put Makeup on takes you about 2 minutes now. Max.

17. You have something to talk about with any mother.

18. No one has better-looking children.

19. Your new name is “mom”.

20. You could be a doctor, a teacher, a P.I, a cook, a psychologist & a clown. All at the same time.

21. Some of your new conversations are about poop.

22. You cherish every second you are alone with your husband.

23. finger food is your new favorite food.

24.You are surprised of the many things you can get done in a day.

Sincerely, Josie

Weekly Cleaning Schedule & Cleaning Key

Weekly Cleaning Schedule Print

Hello & Welcome!

Today I wanted to share my weekly Cleaning Schedule and Cleaning Key. It helps me to keep the house clean and tidy during the week. I hope you guys like it!

The Cleaning Schedule goes together with the Cleaning Key, that way it will make it easy to understand.

If you have pets (I have a dog that sheds like CRAZY) I will make another post about how to deep-clean when you have pets, but for now just add Vacuuming everyday.

Weekly Cleaning Schedule Print
Weekly Cleaning Schedule
Cleaning Key
Cleaning Key








Let me know if you like the Schedule and if it works for you and helps you maintain a clean house! I made it for myself and thinking in busy working women and mommies ūüôā

To me it is important to have it written down because it makes the process easier since I just have to take a look at the Schedule and I don’t have to think too much about what to do next!


Sincerely, Josie

10 Simple Ideas for Fall Decor

Fall Decorations image

Inspiration for Fall Decorations

Autumn is definitely my favorite season. Colorful leaves on the street, pumpkin spice latte, cozy afternoons, blankets, sweaters, rainy days, movie nights, Halloween and thanksgiving….what’s not to love about autumn?

With all of these wonderful things also comes decor time! I don’t know about you, but I love, love loooove seasonal decoration. I think it helps a lot to make the house “homey”.

So here are 10 ideas for fall decoration this year: I hope they are a good source of inspiration!

1.Fall Wreath

Wreaths are one of the best seasonal decorations. You can customize them however you want and they look pretty almost everywhere (a wall, your front and back door..etc).

I will leave you here a YouTube video by Garden Answer( they are great!!). It explains in easy steps how to make your own wreath.

Here are the supplies you will need for this project:

2.Frame a printable

Click here for more of my free prints. And make a Fall Gallery Wall!

3.Flower arrangament

Flowers in buckets   Table decorations with red flowers

To decorate with flowers is easy, affordable and it makes your house look like a million bucks! Choose warm colors for the fall. (If you don’t know how to do a flower arrangement, I will post a tutorial very soon!)

4.DIY Sharpie Mug

This is an amazing DIY project for any time of the year, but I like to do it in the fall because it is when I use my mugs the most (colder/rainy days=warm latte/ hot chocolate). If you are like me, and have a collection of mugs (and you leave them everywhere) it would be even more amazing if some of the mugs were decorated for Autumn.

There is a bunch of ways to decorate a mug, but I will leave you here a YouTube tutorial by Creaternet.



Everyone knows this one….Pumpkins for fall, Halloween and Thanksgiving! I personally like to put them everywhere! On top of the media center, on the table as a center piece, on shelves, in the bathroom…Big and small, orange and white… mix them up!

Pumpkin and leaves holding white pumpkin


6.Autumn table cloth

Unless you already own a very “fall-y” tablecloth this is a good tip (yeah?) I love to add a little color on my dining room and get an orange, red, dark green or brown tablecloth. I got mine in amazon here.

Fall tablecloth

(A pic of my Autumn tablecloth) ūüėČ


Books decor     Chocolate and books

Okay, I don’t know if it is because I’m very romantic or because I love reading or because I love the forest and the mountains and I relate books to that, but I always thought that to decorate with books is a great idea. 1)Its cheap and 2) If they are lying around you might as well pick one up and read it! and 3) You can play with different colors, different sizes…etc. I usually like to do it during the fall and winter because I don’t know, it just works! Books are cozy! and in the summer I like to go outside more. So..use your books!

8.Fairy lights in mason jars

Create a relaxed and cozy atmosphere by putting these lights around the house. I put them in the bedrooms, livingroom, as a center piece for the table and also in the bathroom! It is great if you don’t want to have lighted candles everywhere in case something happens. (And its great if you have kids)

You can buy these here.

9.Scented candles

Pumpkin spice candle

Who doesn’t enjoy a Pumpkin Spice Scented Candle?? I love the smell of it! (Sadly my husband hates it so this year I’m replacing it with a Vanilla scent for my house)

10.Wheat bundle

You can put these in a mason jar, a vase, a pitcher…wherever you want. Here is a link to buy them in amazon but if you live around a wheat farm..take advantage! Ask if you can take a few bundles.

wheat bundle


I would like to add that you can also decorate with pillows, blankets and baskets! (I will be making a post about diy pillow designs soon)

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By the way, I just wanted to add that I do not do affiliate sales yet, and the only reason I put links to amazon in here is that I love amazon and it makes it easier for you to find the stuff you are looking for. I personally use amazon all the time, specially when I can’t -or don’t want- to deal with Nyc traffic.

Sincerely, Josie

Grilled Swordfish with a side of Mushrooms

Grilled Swordfish Image

Every night I go through the same thing: “Honey, what do you want to eat for Dinner?” “Hmm…I don’t know, whatever you want” “But that’s why I’m asking…what is it that you want?” “Hmm…I don’t know…” This goes on for about 15 minutes, and then I decide to cook something fast. It usually ends up being the same thing.

So…I decided to make a meal plan for the week and it is actually working very well! Now, every night I know what to cook for dinner. We end up eating healthier and better! Plus, we enjoy having something new and tasty everyday. (You can get this week’s meal plan here.)

So here is what we had for dinner tonight, it is my family’s recipe: Enjoy!

Grilled Swordfish and mushrooms Recipe:

Ingredients (For 2)

  • 2 pieces-Swordfish filetParsely
  • Olive Oil
  • Salt
  • 1 clove-Garlic
  • Some Parsley
  • 8oz- whole white mushrooms
  • 1/6 cup- whiskey



  1. Cut the mushrooms in small pieces and place them in a pan with some Olive oil and salt. Move them once in a while so they don’t get burned.
  2. After 7 min,once they are cooked and have a brownish color, add the whiskey and continue cooking it for abour 4 minutes. And voila!


  1. Pour some olive oil in a medium sized pan (just enough for the fish not to stick on the pan), salt the fish and start grilling it.
  2. While the fish is cooking, cut the garlic and parsley into really small pieces (the smaller the better).
  3. Once the fish is grilled on both sides (that will take about 5 minutes in a medium fire), take the mix of garlic and parsley and carefully place it on top of the swordfish and serve.

Boom! It’s super easy and it takes around 15 minutes! Super healthy too!grilled swrdfish and mushrooms

Bon Appetit!

Sincerely, Josie