Best Toys for 0-6 month old babies

BEST Toy for 0-6 month old

Hello my dear friends! Today I am excited about this post because I am going to make your life a lot easier (you are welcome ūüėČ ). As a first time mom I spent hours researching about the best toys for a baby and I am here to tell you all about it. I asked my mom who has 12 children of which 2 are still babies and I asked other moms I personally know and also looked it up online and went to toy stores… So here is the ultimate selection of baby toys that I recommend. Enjoy!

There is a whole lot of things babies learn to do in their first 3 months. Depending on what your child is able to do and how advanced he is, he will like some toys more than others. I separated the toys in 2 groups: from 0-3 months and from 3-6 months.

Best Toys for 0-6 Months old babies


(0-3 months)

  • follows objects
  • lifts head and holds it up
  • responds to sound
  • stares at faces
  • looks at black & white patterns
  • cooing
  • Laughs and smiles
  • Recognizes faces

(3-6 months)

  • Holds head steady
  • Bears weigh on legs
  • Grasps a toy
  • Responds to your voice
  • Might start teething
  • Distinguish bold colors
  • Rolls over
  • Plays with hands and feet
  • Turns to sounds & imitates them
  • Sits


1.Activity Gym

*I started to use this toy for my baby when she was 2 1/2 months old.

One of the best toys and definitely the number one in my list is an activity gym. Why? Because it is simple and super useful. Apart from being very colorful, they serve as playmat¬†for your baby’s tummy time. The different textures of the linkable toys is an advantage too because when your baby is on his back, he will try to reach the toys and touch those different textures while listening to music (didn’t I mention? Most activity gyms have musical toys too!) An activity gym is just what it sounds: A place where your baby will be active and play. In my experience, Catalina loves her activity gym and every time I have to do something I can just take out the gym and voila! She is distracted playing (in fact, she is on it right now). The activity gym I use is the¬†Fisher-Price 3-in-1 Musical Activity Gym.

If you want a more-complete but also a bit more-expensive one I recommend the¬†Bright Starts Sunny Safari Baby’s Play Place Activity Gym which you can find in Wal-Mart and Target.

2.Stuffed animals

*Starting at 2 months

I used stuffed animals for when I started putting Catalina on her tummy. It worked really well to stimulate her as she would keep her head up for longer periods of time trying to figure out what the stuffed animal was. It is also useful for the touch, as they have different textures. Some stuffed animals are interactive and sing songs, move…etc.


Having a bouncer is super convenient. It works as a toy and at the same time you can use it to feed your baby, or to put your baby next to you while you work, or to put you baby to watch a show (Baby Einstein for example…). The smaller your baby is, the better he/she will stay in the bouncer. Catalina has reached a point that she just wants to be all over the place so I just sit her at the bouncer occasionally, but the bouncer worked wonders when she was between 1-4 months old. The bouncer I use is the Fisher-Price My Little Snugapuppy Deluxe Bouncer¬†but I also recommend the¬†Geo Meadow¬†which is the one my sister in-law has.

Another good option is the¬†Rock ‘N Play Sleeper .

4. Baby Sock Toys


These Socks Toys Wrist Rattles and Foot Finders (apart from being super cute) are perfect for when your baby discovers his/her feet. I put them in this list because I always think simple toys are the best and this is very simple toy that allows the baby to find his/her feet and arms.

5. Baby Einstein Discover & Play gift set

The Baby Einstein Discover and Play Gift Set is one of my favorite toys for 0-6 months old babies. It is the perfect combination of toys because it includes a musical toy, a teether, discovery cards in different languages and a rattle toy. I recently bought them and my baby enjoys them a lot. Many times she is not interested in the other toys she has but she can be playing for hours with these 4.

6.Stroller Toys

Always good for when you go for a walk or take the baby with the stroller somewhere. It keeps them stimulated and entertained. I bought this one in amazon and so far so good!

7. Soft Books

I’m always surprised with the Lamaze brand. I think it is a good brand overall, and my favorite Lamaze toys are the soft books. Your baby can touch and play with the toys while your read the book to her. I want my baby to get used to books from a very young age so the best thing is to introduce her to soft books first. Try it out!

8.Babylian Educational Grasping Rattles

If you are fond of old-fashioned toys you will love the Babylian Educational Grasping Rattles . These are for babies of more than 3 months. They are usually very curious and see the colors, the shapes, the sounds each toy makes…

9. Floor Seat

I was introduced to the Fisher-Price Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat¬†by my mother. “Give it a try” she said. I wasn’t sure because it didn’t look like something Catalina would like but my mother was right! (she always is…) I happen to have a very active and curious baby as I’m sure many of you have too and this is the perfect distraction. It is a nice floor seat where curious babies can see everything they want and at the same time play.

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Sincerely, Josie